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[live-iso] Screenlock during installation process
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I received a Librem13 last week-end by François Téchené (François lend me his own machine, I only put on it a blank 250GB SSD so François could keep his datas ). I installed on it PureOS from the ISO, using a USB stick.

The screen lock of the GNOME live session activated itself during the installation process, at the moment the media copy all the files on disk. To unlock the screen, I was prompted for a password.

What I tried
I tried random one: "password" was my first idea, I also tested "admin", leaving the field blank and "pass"... But no attempt were accepted.

What I was expecting
I wasn't expecting to get blocked by the screenlock in a live session. Maybe the default timer to trigger the screenlock is too low?

Workaround I found
I thought I had to perform a hard reboot and restart the live install from scratch. I wasn't happy to have to do it while the file were copying in background, because it was a possible waste of time (to redo the install) and also I wasn't sure to not damage the computer (eg. I don't imagine what hard reboot can do during install of the bootloader). Fortunately after a quick search on internet about Debian-testing, I had the information:
Default password: live
... It unlocked the screen and I could finish the installation process...

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davidrevoy created this task.Sep 4 2017, 03:23

Not sure should we treat this as a bug, it is default behavior and yes it has simple password on it (maybe we should just add that on download page).

Thank you for the answer.

it is default behavior

The fact this behavior is proposed by default doesn't mean it's a good behavior. Being locked during system installation sounds pretty critical for user experiences. I tested on Fedora Anaconda installer, and after a quick research I found this . As far as I remember, you use Calamares on the live ISO? Maybe Calamares could just inhibit the session from going idle?

maybe we should just add that on download page

Good idea. This can help as a temporary workaround.

zlatan.todoric assigned this task to mak.Sep 15 2017, 03:12
zlatan.todoric added a subscriber: francois.

I think that the password is "live".

However, I agree with @davidrevoy in term of user experience, this behavior can be a pain and there is no reason to protect a live session through the lock screen when the screen goes blank.

Isn't it possible to deactivate this on the live session and reactivate it for the real user during install?

An idea for a quick workaround:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.lockdown disable-lock-screen true

maybe something like this (not tested, but you get "the spirit") can be executed at same time as launching the distro-installer.

no worries guys, we will do something :)

mak triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 16 2017, 15:02

I knew about this, it just didn't have a very hight priority yet due to the focus being on the OEM install (it's on my todo list now though).

mak closed this task as Resolved.Mar 20 2018, 21:40

This is fixed as part of my live session rework.
I will publish some initial images for testing soonish.

Perfect. Thank you @mak !

mak added a comment.Mar 21 2018, 10:23

FWFIW In the current iteration the screens shield will still show up after a while, but the screen will not be locked anymore. So there should be no instances where someone would need to enter a password.

That's a good behavior. Thanks again.