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GNOME-Software doesn't install on restart
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When GNOME-Software finds new system updates, the "restart & install" feature doesn't work anymore. This is the case for PureOS as well as for Debian Buster.

When clicking on "restart & install" the computer restarts but doesn't install anything. Instead, it restarts again straight away. The updates are still visible and only installable through the command line (which is blocking the average user from being able to update his system).

Sorry in advance as I know that this should be a Debian bug but I have some difficulties sending bugs on the Debian tracker and I know that @mak is the right person for this bug on both distributions! :)


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francois created this task.Jul 10 2017, 01:07
mladen added a subscriber: mladen.EditedJul 17 2017, 11:54


Actually, not related. After researching this a bit, I came to conclusion that this problem might be even with systemd. Here's GNOME documentation explanation about this "Offline updates" feature:

mak added a comment.Aug 11 2017, 16:05

This is somehow related to systemd:
It does work occasionally on Debian though, so it appears like I need to put some further work into debugging this issue.
Meanwhile, I could patch the systemd package in order to disable the service that causes trouble for us by default (which is not a proper fix though).
I'll do some further experiments.

mak closed this task as Resolved.Aug 19 2017, 09:36

This is fixed now, ensure your packagekit package is up-to-date.

It works for me on both Debian and PureOS now! Thank you @mak !