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CPU Fan starts to go on maximum after ending suspend to RAM
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I installed PureOS 10 byzantium (from USB-Install-Drive made with pureos-10~devel-gnome-live-20220102_amd64.iso via Etcher) on my Librem 15v3.

After the installation was finished and first update & upgrade runs were done, I noticed that the CPU Fan starts to run on maximum level after the Librem had been on "suspend to RAM", when a USB-Drive is plugged in. No difference if the Laptop was send to suspend with "Fn + Esc" or by closing the lid or after energy saving activated suspend.

I also tried different drives (HDD, SDD, USB-Sticks). The issue could be reproduced with all of them and disappeard after unplugging the drive.

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Flo created this task.Jan 14 2022, 06:43
phi3nix added a subscriber: phi3nix.Jan 24 2022, 17:30

Did you update coreboot and EC firmware? I am having this issue but just putting PureOS to sleep once again helps.

Flo added a comment.Jan 25 2022, 06:44

I noticed the issue directly after upgrading from amber to byzantium. I did not update coreboot at that moment. I'm not sure about EC firmware. I think I can not install/update this on my Librem 15v3.

I can confirm, that putting PureOS to sleep once again helps. Sometimes I had to do it several times.

I now updated coreboot to 4.15-2 (waiting for -3) and because I had another issue with very slow boot I ran 'sudo update-initramfs -u -k all' and I edited the file '/etc/default/grub' file so that the string 'noresume' is now included in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line.

Now my boot is fast again and I could not reproduce the fan issue anymore.
I'll observe it for some days and I will report.

Flo added a comment.Feb 8 2022, 05:56

Unfortunately the issue reappeared. I could not reproduce it for a while, but since today it's back. And it makes no difference if an external disk is plugged in or not.

phi3nix added a comment.Feb 8 2022, 17:50

I would start with patching firmware. I am not sure if you have any new firmware available but this would be my first thing to do. I had this issue regularly when I was using Ubuntu after I moved to PureOs and patched firmware it almost disappeared.


Flo added a comment.Feb 16 2022, 10:11

I installed firmware-misc-nonfree. But it didn't help. I tried different suggestions I found. More editing on Grub f. e.. But is also didn't help.
As far as I understood it's probably a kernel issue.
Patching firmware myself is a step to far for me. I'm still a linux beginner.
I will wait for a new kernel and hope, that the issue will be gone then.
Thanks for your help.