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Cannot install PureOS 9 on new Librem Mini v2
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My new Librem Mini v2 seems to be defective in some way, because I cannot boot PureOS 9 on it at all. I took an SSD with PureOS installed from a Librem 13v4 and put it right into the Librem Mini, but after decrypting the drive, it just goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor, and never gets to the login screen (even after waiting for 20 minutes). This also happens when I try to boot in recovery mode.

I tried to reinstall PureOS, using the latest ISO from the website (202008), with/without swap/hibernate, and with/without full-disk encryption, but the login screen never shows up, and I don't see any error messages before getting to that black screen. I was able to install Debian 10, but I had an issue with the external bluetooth dongle; the bluetooth settings menu seemed frozen, and I couldn't select a device; again, this didn't happen with PureOS or Debian Buster on my Librem 13v4.

I'm also using a monitor, keyboard, and mouse all ordered from Purism, so I don't know how there could be any compatibility issues.

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ezs777 created this task.Mar 27 2021, 15:37
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You'll need a recent kernel which is why Amber won't run - I'm using 5.10.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.19-1 (2021-03-02) x86_64 GNU/Linux but I'm surprised the one from the OEM ISO didn't work for you. Did you use this to install:

jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 31 2021, 13:57
ezs777 added a comment.Apr 2 2021, 15:15

I actually got it to run with Debian Bullseye, so I'm guessing that the kernel was the reason. I'll try with Byzantium, and report back, and if all goes well, this issue can be closed.

ezs777 added a comment.Apr 3 2021, 06:26

I've successfully been able to install PureOS 10, so this issue can be closed. It might be helpful to provide this information to new users of the Librem Mini (and possibly the Librem 14), so they don't run into the same issue.

jeremiah.foster closed this task as Resolved.Apr 4 2021, 16:47
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Glad to hear you got it up an running!