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packaging guidelines should document how to stop forking from Debian, preferrably mandating specific suffix
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PureOS guidelines at documents how to fork packages from Debian by releasing packages with suffix pureos.

Recently in a chat a method to terminate a fork was mentioned: make a release _without_ pureos suffix.

Please document that mechanism to terminate forking a package.

To reduce the reisk of accidentally releasing a version which clashes with of supersedes a current or future Debian release, I propose that we make it mandatory that such "fork-obsolescence" release not simply drop pureos suffix but *replace* with another slightly higher-ranking suffix. Concretely I propose that we mandate the suffix purge for fork-obsolescence releases.

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jonas.smedegaard triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 9 2021, 11:22
jonas.smedegaard created this task.

I have tested and can confirm that the use of suffix purge works to drop local fork: shows the packages I uploaded, and shows (at the time of writing this) that landing now contains the package from Debian.