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Please provide scripts to create downstream forks
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Currently creating a downstream fork seems to go like:

  • go to salsa and find the repo
  • import that into gitlab via the web-ui
  • tweak repo settings (fast-forward-merges, repo public, protected branches, ...) via the web-ui
  • create a pureos/master || pureos/latest branch
  • create a personal fork
  • pureos busy work (d/gbp.conf, d/control (VCS, maintainers), gitlab-ci
  • make pureos specific changes
  • create a merge request

I see two parts here:

  • gitlab
  • local repo

automating either of these woudl help. Automating the gitlab part would lead to more consistency since we could use the same thing to check existing repos (some are private, branch/tag protection isn't consistent, ...)

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