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Email Commands: Pastes

Phabricator is not currently configured to accept inbound mail. You won't be able to interact with objects over email until inbound mail is set up.

Mail Commands Overview

After configuring Phabricator to process inbound mail, you can interact with objects (like tasks and revisions) over email. For information on configuring Phabricator, see Configuring Inbound Email.

In most cases, you can reply to email you receive from Phabricator to leave comments. You can also use mail commands to take a greater range of actions (like claiming a task or requesting changes to a revision) without needing to log in to the web UI.

Mail commands are keywords which start with an exclamation point, like !claim. Some commands may take parameters, like !assign alincoln.

To use mail commands, write one command per line at the beginning or end of your mail message. For example, you could write this in a reply to task email to claim the task:


I'll take care of this.

When Phabricator receives your mail, it will process any commands first, then post the remaining message body as a comment. You can execute multiple commands at once:

!assign alincoln

I just talked to @alincoln, and he showed me that he fixed this.

Interacting with Pastes

This page documents the commands you can use to interact with pastes.

Quick Reference

This table summarizes the available mail commands. For details on a specific command, see the command section below.

!projects #project ...Add related projects.
!subscribe username #project ...Add users or projects as subscribers.
!unsubscribeRemove yourself as a subscriber.


Add related projects.

Syntax!projects #project ...

Add one or more projects to the object by listing their hashtags. Separate projects with spaces. For example, use !projects #ios #feature to add both related projects.

Projects which are invalid or unrecognized will be ignored. This command has no effect if you do not specify any projects.


Add users or projects as subscribers.

Syntax!subscribe username #project ...

Add one or more subscribers to the object. You can add users by providing their usernames, or add projects by adding their hashtags. For example, use !subscribe alincoln #ios to add the user alincoln and the project with hashtag #ios as subscribers.

Subscribers which are invalid or unrecognized will be ignored. This command has no effect if you do not specify any subscribers.

Users who are CC'd on the email itself are also automatically subscribed if Phabricator knows which accounts are linked to their email addresses.


Remove yourself as a subscriber.