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It lists two packages

 Package count in NEW: 2 |  Total Package count: 2 Package 	Version 	Arch 	Distribution 	Age 	Upload info 	Closes
chromium 	88.0.4324.146-1~deb10u1
	arm64 	amber-security
	1 day 	Maintainer: Debian Chromium Team
Changed-By: Debian Chromium Team
Fingerprint: B7F11173681AD0A6680C0F73D777F0C0F0462A0D 	
linux-next-librem5 	5.11.0~rc7pureos1
	source 	byzantium
	1 day 	Maintainer: Purism Kernel Team
Changed-By: Martin Kepplinger
Fingerprint: 8D0AB45D6085274853D7B6BF1CBB2345A7F02749 	

Timestamp: 10.02.2021 / 10:20:11 (UTC)

and the timestamp did not update for >24h (which seems longer than usual). The queue on artemis is empty though.

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guido created this task.Feb 11 2021, 05:49
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Noticed this too late because the warning email went straight to spam (the attached logfile apparently was suspicious).
This is caused by either a dak bug or something feeding dak bad data:

  File "/srv/dist/dak/daklib/", line 164, in install_binary
    .filter(Suite.suite_id ==
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'c'
mak closed this task as Resolved.Feb 11 2021, 18:07

Fixed now. Apparently dak forgot a source package... Not sure how that happened, this could only occur if something was manually deleted the wrong way, or a bad database backup was restored...
It's fixed now though, and I checked for any more of this kind of issue and found none.