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Please help me delete my PureOS Tracker account
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Hi Mak,

Sorry to hassle you but please help me delete my PureOS Tracker account.

I went around in circles under Settings but couldn't find anything.


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ringonz created this task.Oct 6 2020, 00:44

An administrator has to remove accounts from the command line. Alternatively, an admin can "disable" your account which stops mail and your ability to login - is this sufficient or would you like the information permanently deleted?

jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.
jeremiah.foster added a subscriber: mak.

please delete information permanently, thank you

mak added a comment.Jan 5 2021, 17:54

Has this been done? I think only sysadmins have the necessary privileges to destroy a user account, all I can do is disable them.

tek021 added a subscriber: tek021.Jul 26 2021, 05:47