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TOR Browser
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Hi fellow PureOS users,

I am just wondering, why was PureBrowser created? Why not just use TOR browser instead?


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ringonz created this task.Oct 3 2020, 18:55
Wayne added a subscriber: Wayne.Oct 5 2020, 03:32

I do not work at Purism, but I suggest using the Forums for this and your other question. There are lots of really good folks there, and I know some Purism employees read the posts too. You might get more and faster responses. Tracker is really for bugs.

In any case, I think PureBrowser is no longer supported anyway. They are moving to Epiphany. Just from my reading of the link and posts, my guess is the Librem 5 had much to do with this.

ringonz closed this task as Resolved.Oct 6 2020, 00:34