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laniakea: Migration excuses lack info on *which* dependency is (suspect of being) unsatisfiable
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When a package migration gets stalled and appears in one of the sub-pages of and only reason listed in there as reasons is that some package "has unsatisfiable dependency", then is is quite useful to know *which* dependency that is suspect of being unsatisfiable.

Concrete current example is src:construct at listing this:

Issues preventing migration:
python3-construct/amd64 has unsatisfiable dependency
python3-construct/arm64 has unsatisfiable dependency

Luckily, src:construct has only a limited amount of dependencies that can be manually and tediously inspected one by one.
...but it would be an improvement to not need such manual and tedious inspection - the information was surely available when the issue was computed...

NB! This issue is *not* concretely about migration of src:construct - that is only provided as an example.

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