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Maintain Debian Derivatives Census page for PureOS
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Debian derivatives Census page for PureOS currently lists me as maintainer.

Since I no longer work (mainly) in the PureOS team, please take over as maintainer.

Beware of the note at the top of the source of the Census page, on how to bump timestamp when editing data.

Apart from the page itself, I can recommend to look through for valuable tips.

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jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 14 2020, 13:49

Will do. Thanks for keeping it such good shape Jonas. :-)

jeremiah.foster renamed this task from please take over maintenance of Debian Derivatives Census page to Maintain Debian Derivatives Census page for PureOS.Aug 14 2020, 13:50

@jeremiah.foster as an initial action, I recommend that you subscribe to the wiki page, to get notified when others edit it - in case you disagree or appreciate learning from it.

I also recommend to subscribe to (hint: that page was updated today)