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octave plots not working properly in amber
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Plots look wrong or they are not shown at all in octave. Problem is related to graphics toolkits 'qt' (the default one) and 'fltk'. It happens when using octave from PureOS amber repositories (version 4.4.1) but also with the latest octave version (through flatpak) and the development version obtained from Octave repository. It does not happen in Debian 10 (tested in a virtual machine).

Example to reproduce:

$ octave
octave:1> x=0:0.1:10; y=sin(x);
octave:2> plot(x,y, '+r')

I include a screenshot of an example of correct behavior in Debian 10 and what is shown in PureOS amber.

As a workaround, 'gnuplot' toolkit can be used


and plots seem to be displayed (more) correctly.

I am available to help if it is needed.

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I forgot to say that the version of debian 10 I tested was using XFCE. I will try with Gnome so maybe the error is related to that,

I confirm that it is working properly in debian-live with Gnome 3.

daniel-molina updated the task description. (Show Details)May 23 2020, 08:33

I tried octave in Byzantium and the bug is not present (at least the proposed example above works).