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gcr fails to build since it runs out of secure memory
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PASS: test-fingerprint 1 /gcr/fingerprint/rsa
PASS: test-subject-public-key 11 /gcr/subject-public-key/rsa/private-key-load
secure memory pool is not locked while in FIPS mode
fatal error in libgcrypt, file ../../src/misc.c, line 86, function _gcry_fatal_error: out of core in secure memory

Fatal error: out of core in secure memory
FAIL: test-fingerprint 2 /gcr/fingerprint/dsa
PASS: test-subject-public-key 12 /gcr/subject-public-key/rsa/certificate-load-async
PASS: test-subject-public-key 13 /gcr/subject-public-key/rsa/public-key-load-async
ERROR: test-fingerprint process failed: 250
PASS: test-secret-exchange 3 /gcr/secret-exchange/perform-multiple

i *assume* this is because we're running in a debspawn with too limited resources? build in pbuilder passes (and similar stuff passes on Debian's buildd':

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guido renamed this task from gcr fails to build in debspawen to gcr fails to build since it runs out of secure memory.Oct 10 2019, 02:58
guido created this task.
mak added a comment.Oct 10 2019, 15:49

There are no resource limits on the container, so I have no idea what goes wrong here.
Does this code access a device that is maybe unavailable?
Unfortunately I am traveling in the next weeks, so I don't know if I'll have time to look into this.

I'll look into this as best I can - so far it looks like this may be an issue with libcrypt and may be intentional behavior.

guido added a comment.Oct 11 2019, 00:41

@mak gcr secmem is similar to what gpg's gtksecentry does using


for it's 'secure memory pool' (so it's not file backed). So as i understand it gcrypt is only the messenger here since it can't allocate memory via the allocation handler passed to it from gcr.

jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 17 2019, 11:56