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Make the Plasma build available at
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Description is not exactly the most obvious place and I noticed that a considerable number of people would love to have it.

I do understand that the focus is on the Gnome flavor.

The builds are quite good despite the fact that Plasma might not be receiving as much love as Gnome.

If you consider them experimental (I don't), then tell people that the Plasma build is experimental but make it easier to find.

At any rate, you have nothing to loose. You can only benefit from it.

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Squid created this task.Sep 20 2019, 08:23
jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Low priority.
jeremiah.foster added a subscriber: mak.

I think this is a good idea. I'll test the ISO since it's recently been rebuilt.

I tested the ISO from August 31st. It worked well and looks good, tempting to switch to KDE. :-)
I'll find a way to add a button for downloading Plasma on the web site.

mak added a comment.Sep 20 2019, 16:51

We may need to add some note then that it's "community supported" or something.
I build the image and somewhat maintain the flavor, but it doesn't receive nearly as much attention as the GNOME flavor does and any issue report there as a really low priority for me.

Seemingly the Plasma flavor has received some love after all. Thank you so much!