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Please make it a priority to add support for UEFI booting for install
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I have a NuVision laptop I picked up and wanted to make it my portable cheap linux device. I am a huge advocate for Privacy, Security and FSF FOSS freedom and true Open Source. I've recently had the last straw and with the exception of gaming (a dedicated computer with Windows for that), I wanted to move everything I have to PureOS. Unfortunately half of my devices (yes I have many) do not allow you to turn off secure boot or enable legacy boot. For now I'm running Mint but would prefer to rock PureOS on all my devices.

*Not like you care but I did just drop $700 on a Librem 5*

I would like to migrate completely to this platform and promote the platform and hardware. This is not making it easy as many distro's support UEFI booting. Please take this into more serious consideration as I can see this being a more prevalent issue in the near future.

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I don't think this is the way to request for support. Please be kind and read other issues related with your problem first.

Understandable and I don't intend to be rude or disrespectful. I have read other posts where this particular request appears to be parked repeatedly. I'm at a desperation point and only intend to imply the desperation and not to offend anyone or hurt anyone's feelings.

I just feel that I've invested into Purism and the product line. I figure a request for something that has been somewhat standard on the largely adopted OS's from Windows, to MacOS, to Ubuntu, to Debian, to Mint, to CentOS and so on have all adopted UEFI boot allowing you to install their offerings on virtually any hardware including those with the limitations of not being able to turn off secure boot or no option to legacy boot.

If you have a link that is helpful that I may have missed I would very much appreciate any help I could get in order to resolve this issue or even work around. If there is a way I can create a PureOS 8 bootable UEFI image myself I would be all for it and even make copies that users could download anywhere to spread the joy of this OS on any hardware offering.

Again, I'm not here to hurt feelings... I just would love for some help where others have not been helped.

audidiablo renamed this task from For the love of GOD please make it a priority to add support for UEFI booting for install to Please make it a priority to add support for UEFI booting for install.Sep 6 2019, 12:29
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Nicely done -- installing on your Mac is pretty cool. :-)

At this point we're doing a lot of work making sure that we support Free Software boot systems. FOSS tools are tools you can audit which increases security, you can also build them reproducibly, thereby helping to secure the supply chain. UEFI might be supported in the future.

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