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Firefox ESR should include PrivacyBadger by default
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We should have Privacy Badger in Firefox ESR.

Privacy Badger is blocking trackers through heuristics. That includes pixel cookie sharing detection and will find newest developed trackers through heuristics. Apparently thats the way cleaner and by far more lighwight way as to rely on maintained lists like ublock-origin:

Privacy Badger is from EFF; It will kept further deveoped and improved. Furthermore it's pre-trained on the most popular websites on the Web:

Privacy Badger is forcing DNT, that is already implemented in Firefox. 'Do Not Track' standard has broad consensus on webpages and is world wide known:

Personally i strongly recommend removing ublock-origin for ethical reasons. Advertisement can keep webpages alive. List-based blocking addons are susceptible for corruption and manipulation.

Furthermore it evades Facebook link shims, removes the referer headers and performes link unwrapping for Twitter:

Addons 'Brivacy Badger' combinded with 'HTTPS-Everywhere' and correct Firefox-Settings (yes, its a list by serves a charming browsing-feeling! FF-Settings:
X - Cookies: Cross-site and social media trackers
X - Tracking content: In all Windows
X - Cryptominers
X - Fingerprinters
Send websites a “Do Not Track” signal that you don’t want to be tracked: Always
X - Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed


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