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Fix checkbox behavior in Calamares at the passphrase stage
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When the installation reaches the passphrase stage,

  1. the checkbox is checked and the passphrase inputboxes are visible (expected behavior)
  2. I uncheck the checkbox and the passphrase inputboxes go away but the checkbox remains checked
  3. I uncheck the checkbox again and the passphrase inputboxes don't show up but the checkbox is now unchecked

The sequence of events described above is reproducible in calamares 3.2.7-0pureos3 as well as in calamares 3.2.11-0pureos1

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Squid created this task.Aug 2 2019, 06:11
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Maneth added a subscriber: Maneth.Jul 27 2022, 02:58
Maneth added a comment.Jul 27 2022, 03:26

I attempted to install PureOS to Mini from PureOS Live USB disk. I wanted to create an unencrypted installation and erasing whatever was installed before (Fedora) on the disk. However, the Next button in that dialog was never enabled after unchecking the encryption checkbox. So I wasn't able to create unencrypted installation with that option and had to resort to creating the partition layout manually.

My interpretation of the debug output from sudo calamares -D8 is that the enablement of Next button is evaluated only on step 2 in the initial description of this task. And since the checkbox is still checked, the passphrase checks are performed and they are empty and thus Next button remains disabled. And on step 3 when checkbox finally gets unchecked, the evaluation is not performed for Next button and it remains disabled.