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List PureOS as supported distro in site
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PureOS is not listed as a distro that supports Flatpak, therefore no instructions on how to set it up.

So I forked's site on github and added the instructions for PureOS. I only need to set the logo for PureOS, but can't seem to find one

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noe.nieto created this task.May 31 2019, 22:46

Did you boot up PureOS any time? I believe the logo is the text on that font instead of a drawing like others.

I made the logo on inkscape. Then i sent a PR to the flatpak guys.

Squid added a subscriber: Squid.EditedJul 31 2019, 03:26

@noe.nieto While you are at perfect liberty to install any flatpack you want, it is not in your best interest to install flatpacks that:

  • harm your freedom
  • compromise your security and/or privacy
  • fall outside the purpose of PureOS
  • fall outside Purism's endorsement
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jonas.smedegaard triaged this task as Low priority.Aug 24 2019, 01:57