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I maked a Mirror from repository PureOS in Brazil (Latin America). =) Can I use the a URL pureos.net.br (I buyed the domain in Brazil)? Its turned the Packages's Downloads more FASSST.

Congratulations by Project PureOS.


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Hi wellton. Thanks for mirroring. I understand that downloads from our official sources can be slow. We are in the process of setting up mirrors worldwide and would love to add yours as a potential partnering mirror. However we have not developed a fully complete policy with regard to mirroring. At this time the feeling is that Purism would prefer that the 'pureos.net' name wasn't included in your mirror URL if at all possible. It seems to imply that yours is an 'official' mirror and ought to get 'official' support.

Would you consider changing the name?

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Thanks, no problem, I understand perfectly I'm waiting so that in the future we can have a pureos.net here in Brazil.

The problem is only with "pureos.net"? Can I use "pureos.com.br"? otherwise, do you suggest any?

I am doing a cron to perform an apt-mirror in a good time so that the repository in brazil is always synchronized with the official ones in germany.

I Will redirect the index (page web) from https://pureos.net.br/ to https://pureos.net .

We have other requests to Mirror in Sweden and North America

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