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What does GNOME Web (epiphany) need to be 'production' ready?
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Since there is a long-standing wish to move from Purebrowser to GNOME Web we need to understand what that means from a user's point of view. This tracker can track what is missing and what is needed for Web to become the everyday, convergent, production browser.

  • What privacy plugins, like HTTPS everywhere, are needed?
  • Is DRM enablement on by default in GNOME Web? If not, can it be enabled?
  • What needs to happen for GNOME Web to be able to support WebRTC? (Some collateral information available)
  • What interface changes need to be made to make Web work on both a handheld device and a laptop?

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guido added a subscriber: guido.Apr 12 2019, 07:45

Other possibly interesting stuff:

  • Security support (upstream / Debian / flatpak)
  • changing user agent
  • OS integration (storing passwords, etc.)
  • CPU (aka power) consumption when e.g playing videos
  • startup speed
  • robustness (process separation)
  • private browsing
Gnutella added a subscriber: Gnutella.May 3 2019, 09:21

There are in fact 2 long-standing wishes:

  • move from PureBrowser to Gnome Web in the Gnome build
  • move from PureBrowser to Falkon in the Plasma build