Include librem5-devkit-host package in PureOS
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Users with a Librem 5 devkit need to use scripts created by the Librem 5 team to flash the devkit with a new image. Udev rules are also needed.

It would be ideal for PureOS to have all of the tools needed to make flashing the devkit easier for users so please include this tool built by the Librem 5 team.

The most recent version of librem5-devkit-host can be found here:

guido added a subscriber: mak.Fri, Apr 12, 7:01 AM

The corresponding source package (librem5-devkit-tools) was uploaded but the librem5-devkit-host package did not make it into the archive. @mak did some investigations on why that happened but I don't think there was a clear outcome.

I can't check the current status since

gives me a 500 error.

I'm happy to reupload.

mak changed the task status from "Open" to "Incomplete".Sun, Apr 14, 9:27 PM

@guido The package doesn't exist in our repositories anywhere, and I could fine no trace of it ever being uploaded. What's its source package name? Can you maybe just upload the package again?

guido added a comment.EditedTue, Apr 16, 6:12 AM

I've reuploaded the same package I uploaded on jan 3rd. source package is librem5-devkit-tools.

mak added a comment.Tue, Apr 16, 7:09 PM

librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2_source.changes: misses mandatory field Binary
How was this source package built exactly? The Binary field needs to be present in .changes file in order to be processed.

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