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Include librem5-devkit-host package in PureOS
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Users with a Librem 5 devkit need to use scripts created by the Librem 5 team to flash the devkit with a new image. Udev rules are also needed.

It would be ideal for PureOS to have all of the tools needed to make flashing the devkit easier for users so please include this tool built by the Librem 5 team.

The most recent version of librem5-devkit-host can be found here:

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guido added a subscriber: mak.Apr 12 2019, 00:01

The corresponding source package (librem5-devkit-tools) was uploaded but the librem5-devkit-host package did not make it into the archive. @mak did some investigations on why that happened but I don't think there was a clear outcome.

I can't check the current status since

gives me a 500 error.

I'm happy to reupload.

mak changed the task status from Open to Incomplete.Apr 14 2019, 14:27

@guido The package doesn't exist in our repositories anywhere, and I could fine no trace of it ever being uploaded. What's its source package name? Can you maybe just upload the package again?

guido added a comment.EditedApr 15 2019, 23:12

I've reuploaded the same package I uploaded on jan 3rd. source package is librem5-devkit-tools.

mak added a comment.Apr 16 2019, 12:09

librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2_source.changes: misses mandatory field Binary
How was this source package built exactly? The Binary field needs to be present in .changes file in order to be processed.

guido added a comment.May 9 2019, 09:02

A plain pbuilder (dpkg-buildpackage) build and then using the _source.changes

mak added a comment.May 9 2019, 11:06

Very strange... Do you happen to have the package built with dpkg << 1.19.3?
You need at least that version to generate a valid package.

guido added a comment.May 9 2019, 11:33
$ dpkg --version
Debian 'dpkg' package management program version 1.19.6 (amd64).
This is free software; see the GNU General Public License version 2 or
later for copying conditions. There is NO warranty.
mak added a comment.May 9 2019, 12:07

Ok, weird - maybe just build it again and see what happens (the dpkg version in the chroot env also needs to be high enough).

mak added a comment.May 9 2019, 12:08

You can also maybe circumvent the issue by doing a binary upload, but it would actually be useful to know what went wrong here.

guido added a comment.May 10 2019, 00:59

But source only packages don't have binary fields, do they?

$ diff -u librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2_source.changes librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2_amd64.changes 
--- librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2_source.changes	2019-05-10 09:40:03.547341329 +0200
+++ librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2_amd64.changes	2019-05-10 09:40:03.251334929 +0200
@@ -1,12 +1,16 @@
 Format: 1.8
 Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2019 18:14:54 +0100
 Source: librem5-devkit-tools
-Architecture: source
+Binary: librem5-devkit-check librem5-devkit-host
+Architecture: source all
 Version: 0.0.2
 Distribution: green
 Urgency: medium
 Maintainer: Guido Günther <>
 Changed-By: Guido Günther <>
+ librem5-devkit-check - Check script for the librem5-evk (devkit)
+ librem5-devkit-host - Tools for the librem5 devkit (host side)
  librem5-devkit-tools (0.0.2) green; urgency=medium
@@ -50,12 +54,18 @@
  81e28197203dca97ff08210434712b507af87e4e 807 librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2.dsc
  6fa81bb4a16c215876d90a0b5621694606f4499f 3145044 librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2.tar.xz
+ af677461b38832c9bf982731c7e2da25f4d32c08 4344 librem5-devkit-check_0.0.2_all.deb
+ 98a5091e26dd981556b6af50f27956685ac96739 7292 librem5-devkit-host_0.0.2_all.deb
  44505ad3ed264d8f36050ccce0f5d8aaa6152281 5586 librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2_amd64.buildinfo
  9e2678e5f7f47e0bea0bb5e4d4a444ac55cf1277ba6f758de4cb7ab4fa7bca61 807 librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2.dsc
  409c7da987f61417393a3b9a6928db6f6fb126785e830c292515a1053787c326 3145044 librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2.tar.xz
+ f868c11abb80cb704a275bbb0aad829553fc03b81e7779f1f04e33459d7a5397 4344 librem5-devkit-check_0.0.2_all.deb
+ bf2ffd3d7cc9ffcf14295bb88f021cf6b38286437e3c3aa8b2dd37b5318a4d0e 7292 librem5-devkit-host_0.0.2_all.deb
  8ea700fb34b8ef045ca5fa89cd42d4315da8769686da1f9e764d329ce509a7f8 5586 librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2_amd64.buildinfo
  9d92f14fb555cdb72716629b18ac7535 807 utils optional librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2.dsc
  abf12ff17e58b7bc620e80bd4784954a 3145044 utils optional librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2.tar.xz
+ 1f4bec1041b0a3824402e7b913dedb01 4344 utils optional librem5-devkit-check_0.0.2_all.deb
+ 06c0b6e379a2770c5d491f72e2caeafe 7292 utils optional librem5-devkit-host_0.0.2_all.deb
  cda9774535ca4072ee0b89d7ec4c2e5e 5586 utils optional librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.2_amd64.buildinfo
mak added a comment.May 10 2019, 16:47

@guido You're absolutely right, sorry - I was confusing the .dsc and .changes files somehow (the former already has all the necessary information).
Apparently the architecture in your previous changes file was not (only) set to source, and therefore a non-source upload was suumed, which does required the Binary field.
Anyway, to make some progress on this, can you please attempt another upload? I am curious at what dak has to say to that, and if it gets rejected again, I can debug the issue further looking directly into dak to determine why it things the package is unsuitable.

guido added a comment.May 11 2019, 04:00


mak added a comment.May 11 2019, 04:14


Version check failed:
Your upload included the source package librem5-devkit-tools, version 0.0.2,
however landing already has version 0.0.2.
Uploads to landing must have a higher version than present in landing.

Looks like this version is already in (I see it in all suites):

librem5-devkit-tools | 0.0.2         | green      | source
librem5-devkit-tools | 0.0.2         | landing    | source
librem5-devkit-tools | 0.0.2         | purple     | source
guido added a comment.May 11 2019, 08:14

hmm...but it also claims it already knows about 0.0.3:

librem5-devkit-tools_0.0.3_source.changes is already known.


Please feel free to respond to this email if you don't understand why
your files were rejected, or if you upload new files which address our

guido added a comment.Feb 2 2021, 08:34

we have it in byzantium and amber-phone hence this can be closed.

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Resolved.May 25 2021, 12:28