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Drop -O2 from uuu build
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The uuu tool is needed to flash the eMMC on the Librem 5 devkit. When using the -O2 flag, running uuu aborts with an invalid pointer.

Since this deb comes from the Librem 5 team, a merge request is open to fix the issue. This task is being opened to track the effort of getting the fixed deb into PureOS.


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I forgot to mention that the broken version of uuu is:
Version: 1.2.31-0+pureoslibrem5.2

guido added a comment.Apr 12 2019, 03:35

uploaded mfgtools_1.2.91+0git6b465-0pureos+librem5.1_amd64.changes

@jeremiah.foster , here is the tracker issue we were talking about in the L5 team meeting today