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no wifi after upgrade
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Since this morning (after an update), the wifi does not work anymore (it's very boring).

Which symptoms:

The wifi antenna recognizes wifi networks and connect easily.
By cons, when I want to use the internet ... can not connect ...

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On tilix I do the command ifconfig and I see my wifi antenna that is well connected to my network.
I made a "ping" but impossible to resolve the domain

I have a librem13 V2

Thanks for your help

Wayne added a subscriber: Wayne.Mar 24 2019, 05:14

If you have not already, you may want to look at /etc/resolv.conf and see if any nameservers are there. Many moons ago, though not on Linux, I had a vpn that would create new dns data. When it crashed, I could not get out of my local system because the it was trying to use the vpn-created entries and had no clue. I had to undo the changes before things would work again.

florent closed this task as Resolved.Mar 25 2019, 01:57
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The problem is solved. It was a conflict with my virtual machines that was using the wifi network.