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Is download page updated?
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is the download page updated?
is see 2018-12-10 version in

but download page direct us toward version 2018-09-04

is the 2018-12-10 testing or development version or what?

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joinlaw created this task.Jan 11 2019, 23:50
jeremiah.foster added a subscriber: jeremiah.foster.

I will check and get confirmation.

Just for clarity, you're pointing to the fact that the PureOS download page ( has an older ISO image which the downloads page you pointed to ( has a more recent ISO release?

mak added a comment.Jan 25 2019, 11:23

See for an explanation. The new image just needs to be tested and the download webpage updated in that case.

jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Low priority.Jan 25 2019, 12:02
jeremiah.foster added a comment.EditedFeb 2 2019, 09:04

I've tested the image and seen that it works. Uploading to the download page is a separate discussion and should probably wait until we've tested the OEM image. We can close this bug however by stating that there are two locations for new images, one is a directory that just holds the output of the build system, the other is the official, tested download image.

jeremiah.foster closed this task as Resolved.Feb 2 2019, 09:05
mak added a comment.Feb 3 2019, 15:06

Uploading to the download page [..]

There is no actual upload, it's just a link that needs to be changed.

[...] should probably wait until we've tested the OEM image [...]

We don't actually offer the OEM image to anyone explicitly via the pages. People installing PureOS should use the live images in almost all cases, while the OEM image is for Purism internally. However, we don't stop anyone from downloading the OEM image either, if they go via the directory.
So, if the live image was tested and works well, we can actually change the download link on our homepage.
The OEM image has to be tested before it can be the default one for new Librems though, so for that we'll definitely have to wait (and that's indeed a separate issue).