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Determine if Gitlab uses Free, Libre Javascript
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We should only use FOSS tools. Having our users go to non-free services or tools is a bug so we can't use Gitlab for issues until we determine it Respects Your Freedom.

Acceptance Criteria for closing this bug:

  • Determination as to whether Gitlab is free software.

Gitlab is free software

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More discussion on this topic upstream:
NB: This thread ^^ is about Gitlab Community Edition.

jeremiah.foster changed the task status from Open to Incomplete.Dec 13 2018, 07:41
d3vid added a subscriber: d3vid.Dec 13 2018, 10:13

Note that FSF give GitLab a C-grade "Acceptable hosting for a GNU package", noting "All JavaScript code served to the client is free, but does not work with LibreJS enabled."


Thank you David. I'm going to take the C as a passing grade and close this tracker item concluding that Gitlab CE is sufficiently free for our purposes.

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