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Firefox ESR is not privacy-protecting enough by default
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This is a list of potential privacy-protecting add-ons to Firefox ESR. Currently it appears that Mozilla won't allow add-ons unless you're using Firefox or can successfully spoof your browser as FF. That means that less savvy users may get frustrated when they want to add on a browser extension. To help those users we'll use this tracker to try and drive consensus that there is user interest in these add-ons and that adding them to the default list of Firefox ESR extensions is a good idea.

Current list;
DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, Decentraleyes, Privacy Badger, Privacy Possum, Exodify, TOS;DR, Polisis

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Wayne added a subscriber: Wayne.EditedDec 7 2018, 08:23

I think Privacy Badger is already there. (apt list webext-*)

On this list, I would vote for Decentraleyes, but, unfortunately, I have given up on PureBrowser.

Thanks @Wayne, I'm sorry to hear you've given up on PureBrowser, still a vote for the add-ons you'd like to see might be the way to prioritize which add-ons are most important to users.

jonas.smedegaard renamed this task from Additional default add-ons to PureOS browser to PureOS is not privacy-protecting enough by default.Dec 9 2018, 06:47

I took the liberty of changing the title to describe the issue to be addressed here.

That makes it more intuitive to work with (e.g. closing the issue strikes over something that is no longer a fact - confusing if it would strike over "Additional default add-ons to PureOS browser" which continues to be a valid fact).

I suspect (but haven't looked closed) that some of the listed addons more appropriately belong in a new separate issue "PureOS is not freedom-governing enough by default".

I can suggest to create an issue for each addon, both to track their relationsips (e.g. if an addon like TOS;DR relates to _both_ privacy and freedom), and to track their resolution (i.e. packaging in Debian).

jeremiah.foster updated the task description. (Show Details)Dec 9 2018, 12:50

I think you're right Jonas. I'll set up a tracker per add-on.

When I first suggested this in the other issue, these addons were just suggestions, not a "must have" list.

A few things to say about that now -

  1. As long as we ship PureBrowser with DDG it makes sense to have DDG Privacy Essentials addon. That could change depending on partnerships.
  1. Privacy Badger and Possum aren't both needed, I'd choose Badger because of EFF support.
  1. Exodify I'd love to see.

The others IMO are not necessary to spend time/effort on at the moment, with everything else going on. This is a question of roadmap/direction for PureOS but, does it make sense to just keep PureBrowser support as legacy in the Beta releases and ship Gnome Web (or Pure Web or whatever it ends up being called) for the next full PureOS release? Then much of this conversation becomes moot and there are other issues (getting Better Blocker's list on Gnome Web by default, etc).

jonas.smedegaard triaged this task as High priority.May 25 2021, 12:37
jonas.smedegaard renamed this task from PureOS is not privacy-protecting enough by default to Firefox ESR is not privacy-protecting enough by default.May 28 2021, 00:39
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