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Fans are spinning for no good reason after suspend
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When resuming from suspend, my fans are often spinning even though the computer isn't doing anything that would warrant it (and they don't stop even when closing all applications or even rebooting). The only thing that fixes this is powering down the machine.

In this state the computer is also generally slow and unresponsive (even when not a single app is running).

This does not happen every time the machine wakes up from suspend, but often enough that I think there's a causal link (about 2 out of 3 times).

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Is there anything I can do to help find the cause (collect logs, etc.)?

My machine is a 3rd generation Librem 13, running stock PureOS with GNOME Shell.

It would be great to get some more information on the state of the laptop when it is hibernating. I'm setting up something called "tellerstats" with lm-sensors (which are both in PureOS) to gather more info so I can see if I can reproduce the problem.

I received an update from the coreboot team regarding this problem. It apparently is not a PureOS issue only, it affects other OSes too. The quick fix is to suspend and resume again (obviously not a permanent fix). The coreboot team suspects it could be related to some ACPI setting in coreboot, but they haven't been able to find anything conclusive.

I can confirm that the suspend/resume fix works

This seems to have begun to occur more frequently to me lately. It happens after almost every suspend after a longer on time, having to resuspend and resume each time to fix it. I updated the firmware around a week ago (this is a Librem 15 v3).
Also I wouldn't call the resuspend/resume a "fix", but rather a workaround.

I have the same issue.

jeremiah.foster added a comment.EditedSep 2 2019, 13:06

top and htop are great tools for measuring CPU usage and diagnosing this issue. Fans usually start running at a certain temperature threshold and the CPU reaches that threshold when it is heavily used. The tools show which processes are using CPU, for how long, etc. If we could start with either a screen grab (try screen shot tool) or simply put in your "load average:" data - that would be a great start towards diagnosing issues.

PureOS has top on the machine and htop in the repos. Simply run those commands at the command line to get an idea of what's happening in the CPU.

If you prefer a graphical tool, I can recommend 'system monitor' or 'sysprof'. System monitor is a bit easier to understand, sysprof has a great amount of detail.