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Add pyotherside - Python 3 Bindings for Qt 5
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For porting existing applications to PureOS, it would be great to have pyotherside ( packaged. Package is available for Debian at

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Thanks for reporting this issue!

PureOS is generally based on Debian: Package in Debian without issues flow directly into PureOS.

A good overview of the package is at Debian is
That package was removed from Debian testing, and a release critical bug blocks the package from re-entering Debian testing:

That bug needs to be solved for pyotherside to get included in Debian testing, and from there automatically entering PureOS.

If you are familiar with Pyotherside then your help engaging directly at that Debian bugreport is much appreciated.

OK, looks like its not maintained anymore (from the issue comments at Debian site). I'll try to bump it as well, thanks for finding the issue. I am not familiar with Debian and wasn't aware of this check.

Added: according to there is a new maintainer who should help to restore the package at Debian

Looks like the package has got new maintainer and is progressing in Debian. I presume it will then end up at PureOS as well.

Indeed - package has already entered landing so should migrate to green in few days:

I suggest to close this - looks like pyotherside made it to PureOS

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Thanks, @rinigus !