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"Test Speakers" doesn't play any sound
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Open GNOME Settings / Sound
  • Select "Test Speaker"
  • Select left then right speaker

What should happen:

  • Sound plays from left then right speaker

What happens instead:

  • No sound
  • Other applications play sound as normal


I recently purged and re-installed pulseaudio while investigating another issue. Could that be the cause?

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d3vid created this task.Nov 14 2018, 01:40

Please mention which versions of the packages pulseaudio and libasound2-plugins is installed on your system.

...and if libasound2-plugins is version 1.1.7-2 then please do "sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade" (or the equivalent using other Apt tools), because a known issue was recently fixed:

d3vid added a comment.Nov 26 2018, 05:04

Confirmed issue is occurring with the package versions below...

pulseaudio 12.2-2
libasound2-plugins 1.1.7-3

Hi David,

I know you're busy, but the libraries you specified have been updated recently and if you could update (regular apt update) and test again we may be able to resolve this bug.

These are the libs I have here;

pulseaudio 12.2-4
libasound2-plugins 1.1.8-1
jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 25 2019, 10:47
d3vid added a comment.Apr 26 2019, 03:42

@jeremiah.foster Hello! I tested again (up-to-date libraries as in your comment) and still get the error.

If this is working for everyone else, then I think we can safely assume I messed up my system somehow, and close this ticket.