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Black login screen & Network interface functionality
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Hello there,

One problem one keeps coming across whilst using PureOS is that, once initializes a hibernation or suspend on my computer during my return to using it the login screen blacks out completely. During this "blackout" the entire LCD screen is essentially color(0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00) although ironically it still takes input so one can log back in although one can imagine what logging in to a pitch black screen with no notion of whether you are in the username or password box becomes quite troublesome. One thought perhaps this could be a failed read from the video driver but one is not sure, seemingly when one uses the alt+f1-f4 one will at least gets a command line interface from which one loads up gnome but, one of the problems with that is the x-server fails then one proceeds to reboot. Was wondering if any might know of some solutions to this predicament. Also another issue on suspend is that when one successfully logins from the black screen of oblivion the ethernet interface is no where to be found unless one suspends one more time. So this predicament leads one to suspend twice to get a read to the ethernet device but, one usually reloads it with -> sudo ifconfig eth2 down, sudo ifconfig eth2 up sometimes twice to get incoming and outgoing data transmission. Possibly there are some concise ways of solving this problem as a newb one would be willing to learn methods of troubleshooting with some pointers and feedback. Thank you for your time hope to initiate a feedback loop soon.

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