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Mouse glitch when booted from USB 3.0 thumb drive
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Tried the latest "pureos-8.0-gnome-live_20180706-amd64.hybrid.iso" version to make a bootable USB 3.0 thumb drive.
Initial boot went okay, but as soon as the web browser was started, the mouse cursor had severe lag, to the point that it became unusable.
Tried both a USB mouse and a PS/2 mouse, with the PS/2 mouse giving only slightly better results; motherboard is Intel Z170. After closing the web browser, the mouse cursor regained almost normal functionality.

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richtig created this task.Aug 12 2018, 18:41
thomsem added a subscriber: thomsem.EditedOct 4 2018, 12:29

I also encountered this issue today trying to install on my desktop with a USB mouse.

After installation, I encountered similar lag intermittently after booting the fresh install, though to a lesser extent.

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