PureBrowser incompatible with Adwaita Dark Theme
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PureBrowser has issues with this theme:

Current tab will look broken -- bright white/grey curved edges

Text boxes will frequently not have text visible (can highlight text to see)
Work-around for the tab issue is to a) spoof browser agent to current version of Firefox, and then b) download Adwaita Dark Theme for Firefox, and install it (not allowed to download/install without changing agent)

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Thanks for reporting, and providing a workaround!

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There is another work around that I am using. It's an extension: Fix Dark Theme Input Boxes by https://gitlab.com/Roboe/userscripts

This worked for me. Not sure how it compares since I am unsure about 'changing agent'.

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To avoid packaging a third-party extension with PureOS, a solution I propose is to include the following about:config value string to PureBrowser:




This works consistently for me.

You can see the before/after here: https://forums.puri.sm/t/purebrowser-dark-mode-fixed/5595

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