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Syncotron shows no sync tasks
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Description says that "We have no manual sync tasks to report".

I don't believe that to be true. There should be several forked packages needing updating!

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mak added a comment.Jul 14 2018, 21:53

The past sync run was interrupted, apparently because of connectivity issues (hashsum mismatch). This issue should resolve itself within the next few hours automatically - I'll keep this issue open until it does though.

mak added a comment.Jul 15 2018, 07:34

Checksum validation of 'main/source/Sources.xz' failed (5eb9cc2ccdf1bf16351400d06ae35d16089874d996c1afeab5b94179974051c2 != 56c51a31d6cc797891e0fa0b3112b7ffc7461819903664beddefcf565c742c0f). - the issue still persists.

mak closed this task as Resolved.Jul 15 2018, 08:03

It's fixed now.