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German keyboard settings don't take in initial setup
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{F76655}I have a Librem 15v3 with DE keyboard for review. When I run the initial setup and choose DE as keyboard language, the setting does not take. This leads to the password for wireless to fail. It took me a while to realize it was the keyboard setting that failed. Using the appropriate US characters worked fine. Skipping wireless and finishing initial setup then showed EN as the set keyboard language in the menu on top right (see attached screenshot). After switching to the German option that was available, things worked normal from there on. So German is added to the list, just not chosen as the default, even though German was ticked in the initial setup. I did this 3 times to make sure it is not a one time glitch.

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devil created this task.Jun 27 2018, 09:16
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This problem seems to specifically point to the installer not changing its own active locale during the install process, but merely setting the default locale for the install on disk.

To reproduce:

  • Get a Librem laptop with a DE (or UK if necessary) keyboard
  • Identify a key that is different between the default US keyboard layout and your physical keyboard layout
  • At the first install wizard screen, set the keyboard locale to match your hardware keyboard (ie. DE or UK)
  • At some other input prompt in the install wizard (wifi, password, etc) where you can inspect what you type, type a key that is different between US and your native layout
  • Observe that the installer picked the US layout for that keypress instead of the locale you set
zlatan.todoric assigned this task to mak.Jul 29 2018, 07:30
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To clarify: Does this issue appear in the live installer, or in the OEM installer on first run? (I suspect it's the latter)

devil added a comment.Aug 16 2018, 14:50

yes, you are right, it happens during the initial setup. If your password has characters that differ from an EN keyboard layout, you are going to fail. That is how I found out, what was happening. If you skip wireless setup at that point and finish initial setup, in Gnome-Shell, you can see in the indicator top right, that lang is still EN. Switching to DE then and there is no problem.