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Please provide "official" pureos:green, pureos:landing and pureos:purple docker containers
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Tools like gitlab's CI or Jenkins handle builds and tests on docker containers nicely. It would be great if one could just say:

image: pureos:green

there and test against a current image.

Any image created ought to be reproducible.

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guido created this task.Jun 21 2018, 23:41
guido renamed this task from Please provide "official" add pureos:gree, pureos:landing and pureos:purple docker containers to Please provide "official" pureos:green, pureos:landing and pureos:purple docker containers.Jul 10 2018, 11:17
guido added a comment.Aug 2 2018, 04:17

I'm wondering if this is on anyone's horizon yet? If not I would put it on my TODO list since it would be good to have this running so we can test phone stuff on PureOS in gitlab's CI as well (instead of "only" Debian testing).

guido added a project: Restricted Project.Oct 17 2018, 05:44
guido added a comment.May 7 2019, 06:29

I've added support to debuerreotype for that and put current images here:

The only thing missing is running this continously and either uploading the images to our gitlab instance or dockerhub. Could someone on the PureOS side take that from here?

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@guido If you were to outline the steps you took for creating the 'green' docker image, I could follow that and put them into a script to submit upstream. I'm also setting this up to be automated.

guido added a comment.Aug 21 2019, 09:42

set -e

rm -rf output


DATE=$(date +'%Y%m%d')

function build()
  ./ output "${DIST}"

function import()
  docker image import output/pureos/amd64/green/rootfs.tar.xz "${TAG}:${DIST}-${DATE}"
  docker image import output/pureos/amd64/green/slim/rootfs.tar.xz "${TAG}:${DIST}-slim-${DATE}"
  docker tag "${TAG}:${DIST}-slim-${DATE}" "${TAG}:${DIST}-slim"
  docker tag "${TAG}:${DIST}-${DATE}" "${TAG}:${DIST}"

function push()
  for image in "${TAG}:${DIST}-slim-${DATE}" "${TAG}:${DIST}-${DATE}" "${TAG}:${DIST}-slim" "${TAG}:${DIST}"; do
    docker push "${image}"


Now one can just call docker and the version of the PureOS distro image you want, like this;

docker pull pureos/amber:latest
docker pull pureos/byzantium:latest

# (Red Hat's container registry)
docker pull

One can even use the ARM v8 container as well;

docker pull pureos/amber-arm64:latest
jeremiah.foster closed this task as Resolved.May 4 2020, 14:05