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Thunderbird needs EFail mitigations
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Librem 13v3; PureOS with updates through 6/2.

It appears that Thunderbird has not been updated in a while. The current version is 52.4.0, which appears to have been released in 10/17. From 'apt list':

thunderbird/green,now 1:52.4.0-1 amd64 [installed]

The recent 52.8 release has some fixes to address the EFail issue. Personally, I would be fine waiting for version 60 slated for this month, but I do not know how long that will take to go through the pipe once it is available.

Thanks for your attention.

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Wayne created this task.Jun 2 2018, 05:38
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It does not look like I can change this to 'resolved,' even though I am the item's creator.

Thunderbird was updated today to 52.8.0 when I did an upgrade this morning. (Though I have read a claim that the mitigations can be bypassed in this release too.)

I am still puzzled about the package update process, and I asked about this in the community forum here. If someone has a chance, a brief description or pointer would be great. I do not want to add unnecessary Phabricator items like this seemed to be. Thanks.

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