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QTox missing from official distribution.
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According to the website, PureOS come with QTox, the secure instant messaging client. Unfortunately I cannot find QTox anywhere in the distribution. Is the list of software that comes with PureOS just a list of software that it would be nice to have? qTox isn't even in the PureOS repositories from what I could find.

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@mak what do you think about adding qtox lines to our sources.list until we have the time to package it into Debian (and that way it syncs into PureOS)?

I recommend *against* pulling in third-party code repositories.

Specifically regarding QTox, security concerns have been raised, as well as maintenance concerns, at

For the topic of this bugreport more narrowly, I recommend to fix website to not mention products not in PureOS (or at least then very carefully mentoin the lack of availability!).

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Hm, looking the bug report (which is already couple of years old and the last msg was from 2 years ago), it seems this is stuck. I do wonder what is the current state of tox itself (especially now that matrix and riot are on rise).

As I understand it, QTox is different from Matrix:

  • Matrix is a client-server federated structure which requires a centralized identity service for its federation to work.
  • QTox is a Peer-to-Peer system.

As such I find it unfair to compare the two so directly.

I am not trying to be fair nor compare them as technical solution - the idea of Tox was to have some default for PureOS secure chat/videoconferencing app but now that it seems that Matrix with its clients is going to end up being default for PureOS, I think we can safely disregard tox for now (at least until it gets properly packaged into Debian and is more end-user usable than Matrix).

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Invalid.Oct 26 2017, 05:39

given that - according to Zlatan above - the aim of this issue is as default tool for PureOS, I agree it is obsoletd by Matrix.

Thus closing as no longer a valid concern.