sweethome3d broken: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: sun.awt.X11GraphicsConfig.getDevice()Lsun/awt/X11GraphicsDevice
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A few weeks ago I was using SweetHome3D without any problems. After recent updates, it no longer starts:

Exception in thread "J3D-Renderer-1" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: sun.awt.X11GraphicsConfig.getDevice()Lsun/awt/X11GraphicsDevice;
    at javax.media.j3d.X11NativeConfigTemplate3D.getBestConfiguration(X11NativeConfigTemplate3D.java:76)
    at javax.media.j3d.NativePipeline.getBestConfiguration(NativePipeline.java:3335)
    at javax.media.j3d.Renderer.doWork(Renderer.java:514)
    at javax.media.j3d.J3dThread.run(J3dThread.java:275)
Caliga created this task.May 5 2018, 1:35 PM

Just installed and tried it, works here. Can you update your system and see if it works for you as well?

Works. Seems to have been fixed by a recent update, defaulting to java to jre10?

Just now the menu/dialog font looks terrible. But I can live with that and hope time/upstream will take care of it ;)

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