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add GNU Icecat on PureOS
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Please, add GNU Icecat on PureOS´s repository, like this:

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wellton created this task.Apr 26 2018, 02:17

Thanks for the suggestion.

It would help if you could elaborate on reasons you find it relevant for PureOS to package and maintain GNU Icecat.

Is it the political principle of it being a GNU project?

If some specific features in contains is appreciated, then please consider (also) filing as an independent issue requesting that feature included in PureBrowser - or across all Mozilla-based browsers as a plugin.

zlatan.todoric triaged this task as Wishlist priority.May 9 2018, 11:53
wellton added a comment.May 21 2018, 15:55

the problem is that PureOS induces the use of private extensions because it uses the Mozilla store. and this is pretty bad (see the pictures below).

GNU icecat has its own page with free extensions. see image below as well. I would like to see PureBrowser doing this too =)