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Settings/Installer mismatch: user images are different
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Install PureOS from ISO
  • Note images available in About You window
  • Log in for the first time
  • Proceed to Settings > Details > Users
  • Note images available for user

What should happen:

  • Image sets are the same

What happens instead:

  • Images sets are different

Event Timeline

d3vid created this task.Apr 24 2018, 05:10
d3vid added a project: Restricted Project.Apr 24 2018, 05:13

Seems an issue for @mak.

mak triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 25 2018, 16:55

Likely some GNOME weirdness. Needs to be investigated, the image sets should be identical.

Is there a link to the ISO? I'm planning on doing some testing of images so that we can measure 'reproducibility', knowing which image was used as the ISO for PureOS installation in this bug will serve as a good starting point. If this is no longer an issue, perhaps we close the issue?

d3vid added a comment.Feb 20 2019, 21:17

@jeremiah.foster I'm afraid I didn't make a note of which ISO I used :( I guess if the issue doesn't recur on the latest ISO we can close it.

jeremiah.foster changed the task status from Open to Incomplete.Feb 21 2019, 11:37
jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Invalid.May 28 2021, 02:06

Closing as invalid: Impossible to investigate further when not even original reporter knows what concretely to investigate.