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Quod Libet defaults fail to integrate with desktop
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Install Quod Libet (music player)

What should happen:

  • Integrated with the PureOS desktop

What happens instead:

  • Music controls do not appear in the GNOME menubar
  • The close button quits the application and stops music (this is unusual for a music player)


  • Enable plugin "MPRIS D-Bus Support" (adds music controls to GNOME menubar)
  • Set "Hide main window on close" preference


  • Perform the workaround steps by default when installing the Quod Libet package

Next steps:

  • Confirm default music app in PureOS (probably Rhythmbox)
  • Confirm default behaviors in Rhythmbox, GNOME Music, Clementine
  • Query QL upstream about defaults
  • Recommend multi-DE multi-distro defaults (i.e. suitable for Debian)

Event Timeline

d3vid created this task.Apr 23 2018, 09:02
jonas.smedegaard triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 24 2018, 00:04
jonas.smedegaard added a subscriber: jonas.smedegaard.

Thanks for reporting!

Please in future file issues separately - it is easier to merge as needed than to split.

Regarding GNOME integration: Quod Libet is by design not closely tied to GNOME, and I am unaware of eventual side-effects of enabling MPRIS support. Would be good to understand why the author chose to not enable it by default.

Regarding behaviour on close: I am not convinced that we should make it the _default_ to "misbehave" when user explicitly asks to quit an application.

Seems to me those are two independent issues, sharing only the theme of (arguably) improving default behaviour.

Lowering priority as this is not really "failure", also given the application is not installed by default with PureOS.

I suggest considering other music players more tightly integrated with GNOME. Perhaps repurpose this issue to track which music player(s) should (have their defaults tuned and) be installed by default with PureOS - with each tuning of each contender tracked as separate issue?

d3vid updated the task description. (Show Details)Apr 24 2018, 04:17
d3vid added a comment.Apr 24 2018, 04:21

As far as I'm aware MPRIS is DE-independent, and music players that implement MPRIS also implement minimise-on-close behavior (citation needed). I've made a list of music players for comparison (arbitrary selection based on *I've heard that name in forums so I believe it's "popular"*), and I'll also query QL upstream. (All this as time allows.)