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Wrong default applications assignations
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Looking at gnome control center in the PureOS3 beta, the default apps associations are:

  • Web: Firefox ESR instead of PureBrowser
  • Mail: that combobox is disabled (instead of having Evolution, which is already installed)
  • Video: Rhythmbox (!?)

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jeff created this task.Mar 23 2017, 08:33
hema.prathaban added a subscriber: zlatan.todoric.

the change is applied in the gnome-mime xml file for purebrowser,

I am not able to reproduce with Mail, if I install evolution, it comes as default application,
for video, do you suggest to have some other app as default, if so, can you create it as wishlist.

purebrowser chosen as default webapp, can be checked in the latest snapshot images.

hema.prathaban closed this task as Resolved.May 6 2017, 08:56