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Purebrowser Profile Deleted after upgrade
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Performed apt upgrade and rebooted.

After logging back in, opened Purebrowser, which had no knowledge of anything I had done in it. History and bookmarks were gone, none of my extensions were installed, no knowledge of previous session, default search engine was reset to Google (which had been previously removed).

Performing an upgrade seems to have deleted my browser profile entirely.

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jwolf created this task.Feb 20 2018, 09:36

Possibly related: I had a couple of Firefox extensions installed prior to upgrade that I can no longer install via - I was previously able to, but now I get an error saying I need to install Firefox in order to install.

I had a similar experience. I believe (not sure) that PureBrowser switched it's app dir from ~/.purism/firefox to ~/.purism/purebrowser. When I fiddled with profiles.ini in the two I could get back my add-ons, etc.

jwolf added a comment.EditedFeb 20 2018, 15:33

@tharvill That was the case. Did:

mv ~/.purism/purebrowser/ ~/.purism/purebrowser.old/
mv ~/.purism/firefox/ ~/.purism/purebrowser/

And restarted Purebrowser, which brought everything back.

Thinking this should be left open to make sure that PB is moving ~/.purism/firefox rather than just creating ~/.purism/purebrowser upon upgrade.

@jwolf You second line should say :

mv ~/.purism/firefox/ ~/.purism/purebrowser/

@francois Yup, it absolutely should. Edited.

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Resolved.Feb 28 2018, 02:28
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This issue was fixed since 52.6.0esr-2pureos1.

Thanks for reporting!