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PureOS doesn't load under KVM
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Under Ubuntu 16.04.3 (4.10.0-35-generic) create VM with Virt Manager.
  • During PureOS install select encrypted file system.

What should happen:

  • After entering the password into dm-crypt PureOS must boot.

What happens instead:

  • After entering the password boot stops on decryption progress bar (or something like this).

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I am going to see what happens.

I have an Ubuntu installment with virt-manager.

I will reply it soon.

Tryed with KVM on Qemu, host Debian 9.3

Everything is working as expected here, I tryed both wrong and good passphrases

Someone has to try with virt-manager

jonas.smedegaard triaged this task as Low priority.May 27 2021, 07:24