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Trying to install Veracrypt software, following the owner installation procedure by the command :

when installing the package I have as a result :

'Failed to run tar '-C' '/' '--no-overwrite-dir' '-xpzvf' '/tmp/veracrypt_1.21_amd64.tar.gz' as user root.
Unable to copy the user's Xauthorization file.'

It seems not to be a software issue...

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QiZhi created this task.Oct 2 2017, 06:06

Thanks for reporting this issue.

It seems, as I guess is also what you hint at yourself, to be an issue not with PureOS but instead some bug in upstream code.

Just to be sure, this is what you are trying to compile, right?

If you simply (or not so simply) want to build the code on your own machine, then I believe you should report the issue to that upstream project. They may not know about PureOS, specifically, but you can tell them that your system is very close to Debian so any issue you experience is highly likely to occur also on Debian (and possibly other derivatives as well, e.g. Ubuntu, depending on how exactly they derived).

If your issue here really is that you believe Veracrypt ought to be part of PureOS, then please elaborate a bit why, and we will take it into consideration.

Thanks for coming to me.
Indeed that is what I try to compile.
I'll see with them directly to find out why it is not working.

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Invalid.Oct 27 2017, 03:20

Ok. Good luck!

Closing this as not really a bug here.

Veracrypt seems to work as expected (works for me).

I guess opening post is about installing, not about compiling (because installing uses veracrypt-1.21-setup-gui-x64 and compiling uses make install).

On pureos I don't have root-user, but user with sudo.

I logged in as a user.
Downloaded veracrypt installation package from page:
File: veracrypt-1.21-setup.tar.bz2 (md5sum=6a53422e0418bde7fe1a795599db9bde)

Started xterm.
tar xvf veracrypt-1.21-setup.tar.bz2
(It contains several different installation scripts)
Selected "Install VeraCrypt" -button
Accepted license.
Giving [sudo] password for user

I also test with another pureos installation which I have root-user and normal-user without sudo permissions.
As expected user can't install veracrypt (because lack of sudo).

I logged in as a user.
Started xterm.
(password of root)
-> works as previous.

Seems to me that root can't login to X.

Your error message looks like /tmp is running out of space. What user you are using? Did you test installation with veracrypt-1.21-setup-console-x64?