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Free the EC firmware
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The EC is the 'ene KB3930', no idea where its firmware is stored (technically on a separate 64KB flash, but don't know how to access it from software).
There's origami-ec firmware already implemented for a similar chip :;a=tree
there would be a lot of work needed to port origami to work for the KB3930, but it's a step in the right direction.
There's a talk about it here as well:

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@kakaroto Is this an issue with PureOS or an issue with laptop hardware?

If it is an issue with laptop hardware, then it should be tracked somewhere at the Purism Gitlab instead.

If it is an issue with PureOS, then please help elaborate which part of PureOS that is (the linux kernel?), and what is the current status for it.

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@nicole This sounds like your area of expertice...

nicole closed this task as Wontfix.May 27 2021, 08:20

This has been addressed in the Librem14 but we will not retr-fix this for the older L13 or L15, I'm afraid. Closing.