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Test/Implement fwupd support
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fwupd support would be awesome, work was already done, in part, it just needs to be tested and completed.

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kakaroto moved this task from Backlog to Generic on the Librem Coreboot board.Aug 31 2017, 12:10
kyle.rankin added a project: Restricted Project.Feb 5 2018, 10:41
kyle.rankin added a subscriber: kyle.rankin.

Given most of the work for this is not coreboot work, but PureOS work integrating an existing firmware image (which we'd treat as a binary blob) with fwupd, I don't know that this is really a coreboot project as much as a PureOS project.

We are getting asked about this integration so I think it's time for us to increase the priority on this task.

kyle.rankin removed a project: Restricted Project.Feb 5 2018, 12:14

After discussion, removing the PureOS tags as we don't want to risk tainting PureOS with the remaining proprietary software in our coreboot firmware. This project will remain on the coreboot side.

You won't taint it because this task/project is about writing a bash script, there's no proprietary bits in the bash script itself. Unless it's about the FSF requirement and the fact that the script itself will manipulate a binary file? Somehow I'm not sure that's a valid reason, considering that the librem-coreboot-updater script is already in PureOS and this task is about porting that script to the fwupd system
Either way, whether it's tagged PureOS or not, a PureOS developer is still probably the best person for the task here.

kakaroto triaged this task as Normal priority.