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Verify NVMe issues with L13v1 port
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As far as I know, everything works, but @francois was complaining about his NVMe causing issues on his L13v1. He didn't have issues before, but now he does, and he also has the same issues with the AMI BIOS now for some reason, so either his NVMe has become defective (coincidentally on the same day he flashed coreboot for the system) or something needs to be fixed in coreboot which is also buggy in AMI.
Tests needed before we consider the port 'done'.

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kakaroto closed this task as Resolved.Jun 1 2018, 11:45
kakaroto claimed this task.

I think the issue was found and resolved and tests by Francois haven't been able to reproduce the problem, so i'll consider this done.

francois added a comment.Jun 1 2018, 11:57

I confirm I haven't been able to reproduce the bug after weeks of usage.