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Rename d/control field 'Uploaders' to 'XSBC-Original-Uploaders' within forked PureOS packages
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Current Status for field Uploaders

Packages forked for PureOS might have a field Uploaders in debian/control.
The current status for maintaining derived packages in PureOS is to keep the field Uploaders as it is in such cases (as defined within Packaging Overview)


This leads to a Lintian error about invalid-field-for-derivative once you run the Lintian tool.

E: seahorse source: invalid-field-for-derivative uploaders: Jeremy Bicha <>, Laurent Bigonville <>, Sebastien Bacher <> (field must be empty)
E: invalid-field-for-derivative
N:   The specified field in debian/control does not match the required
N:   format for this Debian derivative.
N:   Derivative distributions of Debian may enforce additional restrictions
N:   on such fields for many reasons including ensuring that:
N:     - Debian maintainers are not contacted for forked or packages that
N:       are otherwise modified by the derivative.
N:     - The original maintainer is still credited for their work (eg. in a
N:       XSBC-Original-Maintainer fied.
N:     - References to revision control systems (eg. Vcs-Git) are
N:       pointing to the correct, updated location.
N:     - Fields that become misleading in the context of a derivative are
N:       removed.
N:   Severity: error

Or see

It's of course fine to honor the original Uploaders of an package, but keeping this field in PureOS without some marking brings in that users will contact the original uploader by email. But the various uploader of the package in question don't probably know all derivatives of Debian nor they are responsible for possible problems of the forked package in PureOS.


The original Uploaders field should be replaced by XSBC-Original-Uploaders to keep the information about the upstream uploader in Debian. This would also be a continuation of the current practice for the Maintainer and Vcs fields. (For completeness, the idea for adding XSBC... was made by Guido which I've taken over.)

I've searched a bit about this part is get done in other derivatives of Debian.
Replacing Uploaders by XSBC-Original-Uploaders is common practice in Progress Linux, in other distributions I mostly haven't found a clear policy about this. Even Ubuntu hasn't a strict requirement within their documents that Uploaders must get replaced or removed, but sometimes a suggestion to rename the field can be found. Nevertheless I think that the Lintian error is something sensible and should be taken serious, it's not a real exception for PureOS to me that other derivatives doesn't respect this error. People complaining issues on the original uploaders instead within the fork isn't nice and preferable.

So I'd like to suggest to replace

Note that the Uploaders: field remains untouched.


Uploaders field

In case debian/control contains a field Uploaders this should be modified from:

Uploaders: ....


XSBC-Original-Uploaders: ....

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carsten.schoenert triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Sep 26 2021, 02:38
carsten.schoenert created this task.
jonas.smedegaard added a comment.EditedSep 26 2021, 02:57

I think it is wrong needless busywork to rename original Uploaders field: During the lifetime of a forked package it is sensible to know who maintains the non-forked package (the Maintainer field) but not really relevant to know who was responsible of uploading within the upstream distribution (the Uploader field).

In my opinion the Uploaders field should be removed (not kept but also not renamed) when forking.

Feedback in the Debian derivatives list agrees with Carstens proposal, so I withdraw my alternative proposal.

@jeremiah.foster if you agree then please make the change proposed by Carsten.